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With a broad collection of faux finish techniques, styles, materials and colors you are no longer restricted to live with what is.  Let us help you find out what might be and bring it to life for you.  It is not a lie it is just Faux.






Decorative Molding, Plaster

We can create one of a kind trims, moldings with gorgeous finishes to meet your fine tastes.  Our attention to the fine details will set your custom home interior apart.





Faux Finishes

Faux is a French word meaning “false”.  Faux finishes are painterly techniques for creating the illusion of various materials where they are not.  With skillful application, new construction becomes aged, steel door look like wood, concrete columns become marble and cold boring rooms take on warmth and character.






A  fine art portrait should be more than a likeness. It should be a work of art to be cherished by generations to come. When you work with Venis Murals inc. you will find that the the process of commissioning a portrait is made easy and convenient.  Our special guarantee will ensure the success  of your experience.









Reproducing marble is an art form that can be applied to any feature or area, such as columns, mantles, doors and door frames, where you would want the effect of real marble without the drawbacks, such as expense or weight. Some types of faux marble are simple to do, while others are more complex in the layering and veining process. While faux marble can be created using a variety of products, most are made by applying several layers of custom mixed glazes.






Whether your taste leans toward cutting edge Italian modern painting, or more closely to Renaissance classic, or even Pompeian Old World, the artist Veniamin have the skill to create a mural or work of art that will surround you with style…





Mirrored Panels

Mirrored panels create depth where there is none.





Kids Murals

Whimsical  rooms can be as fun as they are sophisticated.  Creating an entire scene in a child’s room or playroom can excite the awareness of children keeping them amused and feeling very special.  Whether the mural is fantasy or realistic, we always add a touch of humor and meaningful themes to customize it for our clients.





Wood Graining

The faux wood is “Faux Bois” (False Wood). Hand painted on any surface.

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