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During the initial phone interview, we will schedule a free home or business consultation at your convenience. Please allow at least 30 minutes to discuss all your needs and requirements.

At the initial consultation we will discuss in detail:

  • Specifications of your design and space
  • View the area to be painted
  • Take measurements
  • Evaluate any necessary surface repairs or preparation
  • Discuss sample choices necessary

You will also have the opportunity to view our portfolio of samples and gain a better understanding of the types of style and artwork we create that can help in the selection of finishes for your project. Keep in mind that samples from our portfolio are not limited to any specific style, finish, or art. We are constantly designing new finishes and each project is a fresh palette on which to create something exciting and new!

FOR HOME OWNERS: Prior to the initial meeting, you should establish the overall “direction” of the room. Decide on a basic color palette, furniture, fabric swatches, flooring selections, window treatments, etc., and make them available to us so that we may best help you coordinate the final look to complete your décor. We are not interior designers by trade, but can advise you on the basics. If you wish, we can refer you to outstanding professionals who can help you decide on the best look for your home.

SAMPLE BOARDS: Once you have decided on the color scheme and type of faux finish you like, we will develop sample boards to illustrate the design styles discussed during our initial meeting. Sample boards or mural sketches are the most important part of the entire design process because they provides you with a perfect opportunity to see exactly what your design will look like BEFORE it is applied to the surface. They also allow us to fine-tune any details, changes or additions that may be needed well in advance of beginning the project. Each sample board costs $40.00 to prepare. When completed these are delivered to you along with a WRITTEN PRICE QUOTE for the projects we discussed during the initial meeting.

PRICING: Every project is different and we price each project individually. We base our price on factors such as square footage, wall or surface type, obstacles such as hard to reach areas, height of the wall, detail of work, difficulty of finishes, and time estimated to complete the project. We simply cannot give you an estimate, even a ballpark one, over the phone without having seen the space to be painted.

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